H2 Institute

Understanding Innovation

The Institute

The H2 Institute was established in 2016 by Ben Heap and Toby Heap with a simple mission – to ensure all Australians understand innovation.
We see innovation as the nexus between technology, societal and economic change. We believe that innovation, as with any transformative effect on a national scale, requires the focused minds of policymakers, business leaders and citizens to support it.
Understanding and benefiting from innovation represents that most pressing challenge of our generation and is fundamental to the way we, as Australian’s, navigate generational change. 
The H2 Institute is a Fellowship. Fellows are committed to promoting the development of an Australian culture of innovation to inspire all Australians with respect to our innovation led future. Our goal is to highlight the transformative power of innovation in order to provide ‘grassroots’ support for public policy that encourages excellence in innovation. 
We have developed engagement, education and project initiatives and we welcome your interest in any of these areas.


The Institute has an active engagement program for its fellows, and the broader community, focused on big ideas, generational ambition and long-term strategic thinking. The collective wisdom of the Fellowship and the community informs the priorities and future direction of the Institute.


The Institute has developed a program of short courses that focus on applied innovation. Participants in our programs are taught the innovation skills and given the tools and resources needed not only to survive in the era of technology enabled disruption but to fundamentally reshape the future.


The Institute is also a platform for research and for transformative projects. We will release our first white paper later this year and we invite organisations who are seeking to conduct their own research in this area to collaborate with us.

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change. 
– Charles Darwin