Leading Innovation

A five day intensive program.

Five Day Intensive
Sydney Startup Hub
11 York Street, Sydney, Australia
$9,950 + GST
Discounts Available

Exciting and Cutting Edge

From idea to implementation, a powerful and exclusive learning opportunity for you or your top talent.
A hands on innovation learning experience. Leading Innovation is a week-long immersive course that examines how key converging technologies will shape our future and unpack the skill set and frameworks needed to unlock innovative leadership in a world of rapid disruption and change.

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Who is This For?

This intensive program has been designed for senior leaders across industries in business and government who want to positively impact their, and their organisation’s, future, using innovation as a key driver for change.

Private and public sector professionals
Executives looking to build internal capabilities for innovation and creativity within their teams
Leaders across business functions tasked with driving change
Managers who want to innovate and who need the tools and confidence to build and promote a business case

What  Makes this Program Unique?

Step out of your industry comfort zone
Innovation at the coalface
Whole innovation life cycle
Focus on metrics and technology
Practical and applied learning
Deep dive case studies
  • The program doesn't just provide you with the usual list of things that everyone says you should do when starting a startup; because you have the opportunity to learn directly from founders who've previously been through the program, you actually internalise how and why certain things are important.

    Nick Williams Co-Founder, Sempo
  • This Program is a must to anyone wanting to start a business, not only in tech but any field. It provided me with invaluable tools and empowered me moving forward on my journey. I would highly recommend this week and would love to do it again myself.

    Kiera Herzberg Co-Founder, Alfie
  • The program was a great way to understand how entrepreneurship and innovation work. Through dynamic, challenging and motivational sessions I gained exposure to cutting edge tools, frameworks and technologies. It’s given me a revitalised mindset with which to approach any innovation challenge.

    Francisco Fleming Co-Founder, mPhyt

What are the Benefits?

For Your Organisation

Help encourage an innovative culture in the business and provide a memorable, unique and powerful learning experience to high potential employees
Equip your innovation ambassadors with the latest tools, frameworks and industry best practice through working with peers from other industries
Bring innovation capabilities into your organisation and help create a common language for sustainable creativity
Benefit from immediate commercial impact, from quickly validating ideas and turning them into viable products and services
A better understanding of the barriers preventing successful innovation, to ensure you can begin progressing your internal initiatives

For Participants

Learn how to practically apply innovation tools and methods that can be utilised in both B2B and B2C environments
Feel confident in asking the right questions to support innovation, as well as conviction in choosing the right metrics for measuring your innovation practices
Absorb fully the challenges of innovation by creating a working prototype with designers and your team
Understand business model transformation and feel secure in how to build and pitch a business case for innovation
Master the financial aspects of innovation by learning to build a business case and choose KPIs designed to get you funding and make your innovation a success
Network with like-minded people and learn best practice from their experience in other industries